Winter Skin Rescue

Hello my lovelies. There was a time when I would not have even imagined leaving the house without makeup. My skin is far from perfect, hello peach fuzz and wrinkles too. But my skin is better now than it ever was and I have some tweaks that can really help you get closer to skin you will love. I have some winter glowing skin tricks in my bag so get ready!

1. Remember the double cleansing I have talked about? It is a game change for my hormonal acne, I use this cleansing balm with a muslim cloths and then use this cleanser after. I double cleanse my face every single night.

2. Use a toner. Gosh I thought this step was overrated but it has changed the texture of my skin, I use this witch hazel as my toner. And I even use it to wipe off my overnight mask with these reusable pads.

3. Face masks, in order to moisturize you need to get rid of dead skin and well for me that mean using this resurfacing peel a few times a week, ( I also LOVE this instant glow mask) and this charcoal mask once a week. I also just started dry brushing my body in December and really love how my skin looks and feels after this. So I thought I needed something gentler for my face, so I ordered this brush, I love how much it wakes up my skin and helps with de-puffing my face.

4. MOISTURIZE. Whenever I feel like I look tired or my skin looks bleh I will take a break from makeup for a couple days, apply my charcoal detox mask and then pull out the big guns, AKA the cleansing balm as an over night moisture mask. The facial oils are also incredible, I just ordered this Drunken Elephant one to try. Just remember that dewy moisturized skin always looks younger/healthier.

5. SPF - every damn day. Do not forget your hands and neck. I love my Dew Skin for my face because it's tinted SPF, going to try this light one for my face (during the summer I use this one all over my body).

6. Sunless tanner, I kicked and screamed all the way to Sephora on this one. And as much as I hate the initial smell it does WONDERS. Holy cow. Now, don't forget to wash your hands after applying tho...

Also this quick 5 minute look above I will be filming because it is my go-to " I need to look less tired ASAP" look. I curled my lashes, then use a couple drops of the sun less tanner with my moisturizer (i mix right in my hand) not forgetting my neck and under my chin. I then quickly apply blush (sometimes I use some of the illuminating cream highlighter but not always) and then lined my lashes with black eye liner (this really opens up my eyes, makes me look less sleepy!!) and then my favorite lip gloss. That is it!!

I have also found that this little set (that brings a clear gloss!!) has kept my dry winter lips at bay!!

One of my biggest goals is to continue to share more ways to get yourself feeling more confident and looking more put together because I find that when I feel more confident I am able to tackle more through out the day. Looking in the mirror and feeling great is definitely part of being the best version of yourself but it is also about SELF CARE! You are worth it mama.